My Fav App: Feedly

By Richard Dedor

Feedly_LogoIn this featurette, we ask Affinitive team members about their favorite apps, social platforms, and sites! Whether it’s for productivity, lifestyle, or just plain fun (or procrastination), we want to know!

Account Executive Richard Dedor kicks off our series with a look at Feedly, saving the day – and our RSS feeds – now that Google Reader has retired.

Tell us a bit about Feedly. What do you use it for?
I used to be an avid Google Reader user, but with the retirement of that tool, I had to find something else to use to keep up with my favorite writers and news. I did exhaustive research to find an RSS reading alternative and landed with Feedly. I use it to keep up with my favorite online writers both on their blogs but also on news websites.

Feedly MoileWhat do you love most about the app? What would you change about it?
The user interface, both online and their mobile version are clean, easy to use and somewhat customizable. Better yet, they sync up seamlessly across devices. There are a few small changes I’d add, but overall, it works better than Google’s recently retired tool.

Why should we check it out?
If you love reading news and blogs, this is a great addition to that reading. It also has a pretty slick design which is actually pleasing to look at; a bonus when it comes to news reading. Plus, it doesn’t “retire” your posts after 30 days like Google Reader did!

Download Feedly for your iPhone or Android! What are your favorite apps to read the news and your RSS feeds? Tweet your favs at Richard @RichardDedor, or feel free to tell us @Affinitive or on our Facebook page