Playground Buzz – The Most Intriguing Social Media News of the Week

By Affinitive

We’ve gathered the more interesting bits and pieces from around the web that had us buzzing. Before taking off for the long holiday weekend, we’re logging off with these items in mind…

Beyoncé’s Baby Bump Ousts Bieber as Mayor of Twitter

Twitter just about exploded with the live tweeting of the VMAs – and for once it wasn’t all about Justin Bieber. Twitter confirmed that at precisely 10:35pm upon Beyoncé’s baby bump reveal, the record for number of tweets sent per second (TPS) soared to 8,868, breaking the previous TPS record, set during the final game between Japan and U.S during the Women’s World Cup. Trendrr put together this awesome infographic of who was doing the most talking, about who, and what they were using to do so, confirming that for snappy, live coverage, Twitter is still the dominant platform. One surprising note – we weren’t aware that Joe Jonas was still relevant enough to be a TT?

Steve Jobs: iRetire

Love him or hate him, it’s undeniable that Steve Jobs’ legacy is the thriving cult of Mac. Our weekend was already rather topsy turvy with Hurricane Irene when Jobs announced his retirement. While issues surrounding Steve’s health are no laughing matter, we chuckled over this slideshow of 10 amusing reaction Tweets While we’re on the nostalgia kick, we read over a recap of some of Jobs’ larger, more public smackdowns (Android, anyone?).,2817,2391784,00.asp

NY Giants Kick Off Twitter Integration

Aside from prepping for our fantasy football drafts we couldn’t help but notice fan reaction Tweets scrolling across the bottom of our TVs while watching the New York Giants vs New England Patriots preseason game yesterday. The integration, which will run for only the final two preseason games, also allows Big Blue fans to vote for their favorite player using a corresponding hashtag; the player with the most votes will have his merchandise discounted that week in the online store. Despite NFL’s 2009 ban on in-game tweeting by players, this sidestep to involve fans seems to have happy results, as witnessed by this Tweet.

Ticketmaster and Facebook Partner Up to Broadcast Your Choices

Users can now alert their Facebook feed of any and all concerts and games they attend – and even what seats they managed to snag. The move hopes to drive additional ticket sales via word of mouth by indirectly prompting others to buy tickets and sit near their friends. While it’s still too early to tell how successful this venture will be, we’ll be on the lookout on our own Facebook news feeds and silently judging others’ taste in music and Broadway shows.

Books in the Browser

e-Reading platform Book.ish has come out with a zero software platform that allows you to create digital books that can be read in your mobile browser. You simply embed a book on any web page with two lines of code – one to include it in your library, and another to initialize the reader. We’re pretty thrilled at the notion that Monocle will be open source and free of any dependencies on external JavaScript libraries. Check it out and swipe a few pages just to see.

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