Playground Buzz – The Most Intriguing Social Media News of the Week

By Affinitive

It’s going to be spooky scary weekend! When not buzzing about the office, we’ve rounded up the best bits o’buzz around the web for you. We’re logging off with these in mind:

Klout Tweaks Calculation Methods. Again.

Klout has yet again set out to give us social media anxiety with another tweak to its calculating methods. The upshot, they promise, is that you’ll now be able to see what specific actions you’re doing that is hurting or boosting your score. The new Klout pages are overall offering more indepth explanations as well as examples of some of the best content during the past 90 days or so. Helpful, yes, but we’re still a bit hurt about the drop in our scores. For those who’re still unsure of what Klout is, this amusing video should help (or not!) clarify things.

Timing Your Facebook Posts Just Right

Timing Facebook status updates is much akin to a courtship text – if it’s not at the right moment, you could be ignored or rejected. Many a post and study has been devoted to clicking behaviors of users, but this one Q&A with Jeff Widman, founder of Facebook analytics measuring service PageLever, takes a more in depth look. Handy!

NY Marathoners Get Digital Love From Sidelines 

Next weekend, NY marathoners will receive a bit more support from the sidelines thanks to a initiative from ASIC’s “Support Your Marathoner” program. Upon joining, marathoners receive a RFID tag they can attach to their shoes, which trigger messages of encouragement, cheer, and support that flash across LED screens at the 9, 12, and 22 mile marks. Even if runners can’t look at the screen at the moment, they can still hold onto and keep their personalized gallery of messages, videos, and pictures. Speaking of marathoners, we’ll be supporting our own Patrick Courtney and the nonprofit he’ll be running for – Camp Interactive – next weekend!

Tweets Fund One Director’s Movie

One Dutch director decided to harness the power of Twitter to raise €20,000 to fund his short movie. Rather than the usual method of crowdsourcing and link shortening to raise awareness, he decided to advertise that he would create a short movie per Tweet he received. The genius catch? €10 got you 10 seconds of “Twitflick” video and €60 or more got you a minute-plus, all of which would be posted on donor’s walls.  Eddy Terstall ended up raising €120,000, a lot more than his initial goal. Happy endings all around! You can check out some of the flicks here.

X Factor Fans Vote via DMs

As with most reality shows, the fate of contestants is left in the hands of viewers who tune in week after week to log their favorite’s progress and weigh their chances. While most shows relied on text or call voting, talent reality show X Factor will now enable viewers to vote for their favorite contestants through direct messages on Twitter, assuming that they’re not sending phishing scam messages. We feel just a twinge of pity for the poor interns who’ll have to tally up the votes!

New Startup Lets You Clip and Snip Internet Content

Instead of bookmarking interesting videos, articles, or pages to get back to later – and forgetting about them – startup is offering a new way of looking at bookmarks. Much like the olden days of newspapers, users simply “clip” content as they surf the web, add a snarky quip of their own, and then pin it into buckets and collections that they’ve categorized according to their interests. With content organized by content and themes (taking the best of Pinterest and Tumblr), user collections become conversation pieces and easier methods of sharing information.

Guardian Releases Twitter Search Bot

In a clever move to keep its paper relevant amongst the rabble of news blogs, UK newspaper The Guardian released a Twitter-based search bot. Users tweet their search queries @GuardianTagBot and receive a mention back with links to results leading back to the paper’s page.

Tech Jack-O-Lanterns 

Because it’s Halloween weekend, we’re rounding up this post with eight crafty, tech inspired Jack-o-Lanterns that Mashable rounded up, complete with cheeky commentary. We’re especially impressed with the Steve Jobs homage. We also wish that we had made it to the Hallowmeme party, which turned up some gems like “Women Laughing Alone with Salad” costumes.

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