Playground Buzz – The Most Intriguing Social Media News of the Week

By Affinitive

 The weekend’s here! We’ve been buzzing about the office this week, laughing at our collective list of #thingslongerthankimsmarriage and hyping up two NYC marathon runners in our midst for their big day! We’re logging off for the weekend with these in mind:

#thingslongerthankimsmarriage: This Blurb

When reality TV entrepreneur Kim Kardashian announced the end of her 72 day marriage to NBA player Kris Humphries, the Internet may or may not have exploded (in laughter or scorn, we cannot say). But as reliable as ever, Twitter said it best. After the initial hilarity of reading some scathing epithets, our laughter may have died when we read just how much of online conversation that day was devoted to the divorce filing.  (Hint – 93%)

Mr. Clean Gets a Little Scruffy

In the spirit of charity (the holidays are right around the corner folks!), bald icon Mr. Clean has pledged to start sporting whiskers for Movember in solidarity with other men who’re growing facial hair to raise funds for prostate cancer research. How fast can a 54 year old icon grow a stache? Fans are invited to find out by liking Mr. Clean’s Facebook page, the moustache-o-meter will measure the amount of likes Mr. Clean receives, and his stache will grow accordingly. We wonder what Brawny Man has to say about this.

What to Expect with the New Gmail

We’ve been trying to ignore that little window on the bottom right corner urging us to switch over and peek at Gmail’s new look, but we finally gave in. Like all things new, we still need a bit of time to adjust and settle into the way we like to arrange things, but if you want to jump in head first, this handy guide can tell you what to expect when you make the switch.

Oscar de la Renta to Sell Perfume Ring Exclusively on Facebook

While fashion brands have been cultivating and growing fanbases on Facebook for some time, but a few have started taking steps into directly converting fringe fans into actual consumers through the platform by the way of shopping tabs , exclusive items, or even apps to help customize products. Fashion house Oscar de la Renta is now offering a cocktail ring containing a solid concentration of a fragrance brand fans are already familiar with, due to sampling conducted by the brand earlier this year. While there’s no word yet on the final numbers, there’s certainly been much PR buzz.

Miami Heat Owner Gets Burned for Tweeting

Oops! Talk about a costly overshare! Miami Heat owner Micky Arison was fined $500,000 for Tweeting at a disgruntled fan regarding the current NBA lockout. While Arison is not the only owner to be fined for discussing the lockout, his is certainly the heftiest to date. While Arison’s original Tweet was deleted an hour after it was posted, the Internet remembers the original fan message:

“How’s it feel to be a part [sic] of ruining the best game in the world? NBA owners/players don’t give a damn about fans&and guess what? Fans provide all the money you’re fighting over&you greedy [expletive] pigs”

Arison responded to the fan, saying that he was  “barking at the wrong owner.”

The Internet Remembers – An Infographic

The Internet always remembers – and takes screenshots! – but some people still don’t quite get it. The days of complete anonymity are fading and with the push (by Facebook and Google alike) for keeping your online presence “on” at all times, it’s difficult to remember that your actions are logged – and may come back to haunt you. This handy infographic breaks down why your Internet cred is important and what to do about it. Our tips? Other than constantly Googling yourself topreemptively do damage control, always secure your account settings, and think a little harder before publishing a post that might land you on someone’s STFU blog as a submission.

Barrel Rolls, Google Easter Eggs, and Bits of Nostalgia

We admit we lingered a bit longer on Google yesterday, thanks to yesterday’s Star Fox64 shout out,  which led to a bit of reminiscing on some of Google’s hidden goodies, tricks, and Easter eggs (we still visit Pacman every now and then) before eventually searching for them. Luckily for smartphone users, it’s easy to relive many a childhood afternoon with some classic arcade games for your phone. If you’re new to video games (and the Internet) in general, maybe you should start here.

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