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It’s February already! We’ve been busy at the office with luncheons, superbowl boxes, and of course, prepping our weekly roundup just for you! When not shuddering at the news that giant Burmese pythons have invaded Florida, we’ve been chuckling at Apple Scotland’s Siri issues, rejoicing at LeVar Burton’s takeover of the @readingrainbow, giggling at the VW “Bark Side” commercial, and watching the President’s first Google + hangout. This is what we’ve been passing about the office email chains.

We’re logging off for the weekend with these in mind:

Facebook Files for $5 billion IPO

In news that’s been circulating about the web as fast as mouse buttons can click,  Facebook has filed for a a $5 billion IPO. While it’s still unknown on which stock exchange Facebook will trade, it’s safe to assume that the platform’s ticker symbol will be simply  ”FB.”  At the moment, Facebook will have to field questions and scrutiny from regulators and court investors before trading begins.

While the initial paperwork does not reveal how much of the company’s shares are going to be sold (or cost), what is known is that CEO Mark Zuckerberg holds the most amount of shares at 28%, and that as of December 31st, Facebook internally determined each share to be worth $29.73 a pop.

In other related news, it seems that advertising made up 85% of Facebook’s revenue at a solid $3.2 billion, and that Zynga makes up 12% of Facebook’s revenue. Because the 197 pg document that Facebook filed with the Securities Exchange Commission was hefty reading, Facebook so kindly demonstrated in a series of graphics where the money goes, and how the money’s made. Techcrunch has kindly summed up the IPO timeline of events in one convenient location if you want to read further.

Pinterest Drives More Referral Traffic than +, Youtube, and LinkedIn
Social sharing platform Pinterest continues to rise in referral traffic and users, as noted by Shareaholic. As of the end of January, Pinterest  rose from 2.5% referral traffic rate to 3.6%, outpacing names like YouTube, LinkedIn, and Reddit. While Facebook, Twitter, and Google’s reign are not surprising, it should be noted that StumbleUpon is now number two, signifying its rise and potential. One of our interns, Katie, looks into the hidden possibilities of StumbleUpon in her blog post.

Tumblr Hires Journos to Write About… Tumblr 
In a rather bizarre mobius strip of narcissim, blogging platform Tumblr has hired two journalists to write exclusively about…  Tumblr. Rationalizing that the almost 44 million tumblogs qualify as a city of its own, Chris Mohney and Jessica Bennett will write exclusively about Tumblr and its content from the steely, analytic eye of journalism (instead of just blogging about it). All articles and postings will  be found on the Tumblr staff blog.

Susan G. Komen’s Very Weary Week
Breast cancer organization Susan G. Komen has had a very busy week, putting out the flames on their various social media channels and navigating a PR nightmare. The initial firestorm started when the foundation announced that they planned on withdrawing the funds and grants from health care provider Planned Parenthood, which prompted an outcry and much scrutiny about its donation policies across the internet.

In addition to 22 Democratic senators calling out the foundation for withdrawing its financial support, hackers took to the web to express their dismay, alongside other netizens of the web. Children’s author Judy Blume even took to the internet to issue a scolding as well. On the brightside, the spotlight was able to help Planned Parenthood raise over $1 million in donations, with several generous donations coming from donors such as Mayor  Michael Bloomberg.

The foundation has been putting out social media and public relations fires all week and weathering a PR storm (hint, not very well), from changing its privacy settings on its Facebook page, denying accusations of deleting unsavory or negative comments on their Facebook status, their blog shutting down, and SVP Karen Handel callously tweeting,  “cry me a river”  (which was then very quickly deleted).

As of today, the embattled and wary foundation has announced that they regret their initial decision, and has issued a statement stating that they no longer wish to withdraw financial support.

Twitter Rolls Out Expanded Brand Pages and Analytics
Twitter’s been busy with expanding on its brand pages program to a few more choice advertisers, and shedding more light on its own set of analytics. While both these features could only be beneficial to the program and its growth, both in userbase and reach, we’re still waiting for tangible results – Twitter’s been promising the launch of its analytics since the end of 2010.

Farmville Post Breaks Guinness World Record
In a quiet sigh that went around the world, Facebook broke a Guinness World Record – not because of its IPO – but because of a Farmville status with over 1,001,600 comments. We don’t have much to add to this but wanted to quote the following interaction with the user in question regarding her motives:

Hodgson says she took up FrontierVille after her daughter started playing on her Facebook account. She wanted to set the record to show the strength of the FrontierVille community, with which she had become deeply involved.

“I began to play myself, and then got involved in helping with the game’s community groups as an administrator,” she told Guinness. “My friend Nattie Murphy saw the previous record and suggested I try to break it — it sounded like a great idea for our group to show what we are capable of when we work together”

Everyone go weep.

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