Playground Buzz – The Most Intriguing Social Media News of the Week

By Affinitive

This wasn’t the hottest week in social media news, which is not surprising with the short holiday week and coming off a jam packed Social Media Week the week before.  However, while things may have been rather quiet, we did find a few stories particularly fascinating, and at least one that has us contemplating what it would be like if everyone were walking around with Terminator-style sunglasses.


Hasta La Vista, baby.  We’re logging off for the weekend with these in mind:

Google’s Blue Blockers
Google has been hard at work in their Google X offices, a secret laboratory near Google’s HQ in Mountain View, California, developing futuristic augmented-reality based glasses powered by Android and equipped with Google products like Goggles, Latitude, Search information and possibly Google+.  These Terminator glasses won’t be worn at all times, rather used like a smartphone to accomplish tasks.  The possibilities for these glasses are practically endless.  We’re anxiously awaiting the launch, though would be better if these glasses, that are said to look like Oakleys, came in an aviator style.

Macy’s Betas Facebook Promos
Macy’s posted one of the first Facebook Page post promotions yesterday, a new beta feature Facebook is testing with certain partners.  As of post time, the offer is live and can still be claimed by visiting the headline link.  Given the low adoption of location-based services and check-in deals, the in-stream promo offer is a natural fit for the average consumer on Facebook, who more often than not, fans Pages for deals and offers.  With just a couple clicks the offer is emailed to the email address on file with Facebook that can then be printed or shown in store on your mobile device.  It’s a really fluid and natural experience, and we can expect to see more of these offers.

Pinterest Gets A Fancy Competitor
If you’re reading this post then you already know about the explosive growth of Pinterest.  This week, however, the spotlight tilted away from Pinterest slightly over to a similar startup, Fancy.  Backed by Square founder and Twitter exec Jack Dorsey, Fancy is the high-end version of Pinterest with an eCommerce twist.  From Fast Company, “Einhorn calls this a “demand-driven commerce model.” By crowdsourcing product interest, Fancy enables merchants to see what consumers are most interested in, and then sell products directly to them based on that interest. Into a helicopter tour of Hawaii? You got it. A new style from Christian Dior? Click away.  It’ll take a lot of buzz to gain mindshare in a space that is completely dominated by Pinterest right now, but with celebrity endorsers like Kanye West, Fancy is making it happen.

Can Twitter Predict The Oscars?
The Oscars are this weekend, and if you can’t decide whether George Clooney or Jean Dujardin will take Best Actor, don’t expect Twitter buzz to help you with that.   AllTwitter has noted the lack of accuracy in events in which the public has no influence, like the Academy Awards, but can be precise in decisions left to the public like the winner of the X Factor.  That hasn’t stopped the media from monitoring the buzz, as Forbes suggests a Midnight In Paris upset, and this infographic suggests The Help is the fan favorite to take Best Picture (though Wynn Las Vegas has the odds on The Artist at 2-5.)  If The Artist does win, it will be the first Best Picture award for a silent film since the very first Oscars in 1929 for Wings. You can use that little fun fact at your Oscar party on Sunday.

Facebook Fans Take the Wheel for March Madness
Sports fans like to talk and theorize about how they’d handle things differently if they were the shot callers, and NCAA has made 10 sports fans’ dreams come true with their “Super 10″ Facebook Contest. Contest participants submitted 30 second videos of themselves pleading their cases for a chance to travel to Atlanta for “Selection Sunday” and get access to official data in order to choose the tournament field. In addition to the effort at transparency, the organization definitely got a definite boost in publicity that paid off.

Author Publishes Book as a Facebook Album
Author Alex Epstein decided to sidestep Amazon and booksellers and directly present his latest work to consumers – through a Facebook photo album. Calling his work For My Next Illusion I Will Use Wings a work of “microfiction,” Epstein slowly but steadily published all 88 pieces through this photo album. Currently, the album has 478 likes and 192 shares, with plans for a Hebrew-to-English translation in the works. While we congratulate Mr. Epstein on his creative approach, we can’t help but prefer R.L. Stine’s more “micro” approach of posting a horror story through Twitter, which you can read here.

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