Playground Buzz – The Most Intriguing Social Media News of the Week

By Affinitive

It’s Friday! Things have been busily buzzing at the office, from ordering take out for the inclement weather, pondering if we should buy a Game of Thrones inspired cookbook, and catching up on our Jenna Marbles videos. Here’s what we’ve been chatting about in the office Facebook group.

We’re logging off for the weekend with these in mind:

Facebook, IPO, and “Muppet Bait”
What a week for Facebook and its investors.  The headache started after an odd debut where Facebook closed at $34.03, down at 11 percent, and a decrease from its initial offering of $38. A delayed opening on Monday (a glitch from Friday’s system) proved to be rather costly and now some unhappy folk are looking to sue Facebook and Nasdaq. We’ve lined up links in chronological order to provide a rough timeline of what happened.

What is Facebook Worth?

Facebook Closes at $34, far below IPO Price

Bombshell: Facebook Bankers Secretly Cut Forecasts for Company in the Middle of IPO Roadshow

The Inside Story of What Happened on the Facebook IPO 

Facebook, Zuckerberg sued over IPO 

Facebook Market Makers’ Losses Total at least $100 Million

Facebook Launches Instagram Clone 
We’ve been wondering what Facebook was going to do once they bought Instagram. Well, we have the answer. Facebook began rolling out Facebook Camera for iOS, an Instagram-style, photo filtering, sharing, and viewing app. Users can pick one or more photos, apply one of 14 filters, tags, write a description and post. This doesn’t necessarily rule out Instagram either, as there are reports that Facebook intends to cultivate Instagram independently. Now the crux of the matter, with Facebook Camera, Facebook now has three mobile apps, not counting Facebook Pages Manager: its primary, Facebook Messenger, and Facebook Camera. Something’s gotta give, right?

RIP Rick Roll
The Internet’s favorite prank was temporarily killed, only to be brought back?  In a rather bizarre timeline, Rick Astley’s music video for Never Gonna Give You Up - inspiration behind the “Rickroll” – was yanked off Youtube through a copyright takedown request by AVG Technologies – but for only 24 hours before being silently brought back. No word from Youtube yet.

Brands Can Turn Timeline into a Movie
Brands can now take all their photos, status updates, and wall posts and churn them together into a chronological, one-minute Timeline “movie” with Timeline Moviemaker! In order to create this flick, the brand’s Timeline must have at least 50 public photos. While the tool now supports nine languages other than English, there’s no plans to make videos embeddable – at the moment they can only be shared via Facebook. For instructions, click here.

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