Playground Buzz – The Most Intriguing Social Media News of the Week

By Affinitive

Hurray for Friday! We’ve been busy here at Affinitive with champagne toasts, monthly reports, and brainstorming for the next step!

When not buzzing over a contest involving watching a livestream of baby squirrels, looking up summer reading book recommendations, watching the Shiba Inu puppy cam (why are they sleeping?) or mini-pig Hamlet learn how to walk down stairs (the best part is where he dive bombs into oatmeal), or sideeyeing the prospective Facebook smartphone, we’ve been linking each other to these stories.

We’re logging off for the weekend with these in mind:

We’ve been acquired!
The cat’s out of the bag – Affinitive has been acquired by Project:Worldwide! We’re pleased to be joining Project:Worldwide and its extended family. Not to worry, we’re still the same Affinitive you’ve come to love and know, just part of a much larger global network! But instead of waxing sentimental, why not read CEO Bob’s blog post on the acquisition?

Twitter Confirms Facebook Integration
Now more rich media to cross post onto your Facebook feed! While a long expected move, Twitter has confirmed that they have been tweaking the way that usernames, hashtags, and photos appear on user Newsfeed after friends tweet. Twitter users can now post to Facebook pages, and their hashtags will appear as rich links that users can click on to see other tweets. To nudge the change, simply disconnect and re-sync your two accounts.

Facebook to Open to the Under 13 Crowd?
At the moment Facebook’s pages are off-limits to the under-13 crowd (although folks can create profiles for their unborn progeny or their pets). Due to the fierce nature of worried parents and children’s safety groups, Facebook has not confirmed nor denied that they are looking into simply creating more protective layers for kids, instead of completely banning them altogether. While the concerns are legitimate, some parents have aided their children in already setting up their accounts simply by racking up their birth year upon registration.

LinkedIn Passwords Get Hacked
Admittedly, there was a bit of a scrabble to log into our LinkedIn accounts to make sure that our passwords weren’t part of the 6.5 million encrypted passwords stolen and leaked by a Russian hacker. As if the news that LinkedIn’s iOS app violates user privacy by sending very detailed calendar entries to its server wasn’t bad enough. Word on the street is that the same person has also stolen 1.5 million passwords from dating site eHarmony (why he would go after that one is beyond us) as well as (Edit. Note: Yes, I am still trying to make happen.) Want to check if your password was compromised? Check out LastPass’ tool.

Starbucks Makes Twitter Boo-Boo
We silently thanked the powers that be that we weren’t the CM that made a Twitter error that struck a historical and political nerve amongst consumers. Starbucks’ Ireland Twitter account accidentally tweeted a promotion that implied Ireland was still part of the United Kingdom, despite a sensitive and tenuous history between the two countries. While the backlash was expected and immediate, props to Starbucks for apologizing and keeping the original tweet up – transparency! Although we wonder if this could have been avoided had the IE and UK accounts not posted almost identical copy within minutes of each other.

Developers Are Still Building for iOS Over Android
While the smartphone usage in Affinitive is split pretty evenly between the iPhone and Android, sometimes a discrepancy can be noticed when it comes to apps. It seems that when waiting for Android-exclusive apps, there’s always a bit of a wait. According to Flurry data, developers are building for Apple’s iOS over Android by 2-to-1.

Facebook Mobile Ads – Now for Everyone
Now in a move for “the masses,” Facebook  is now automating mobile ad buying. While previously ads were only really available to big advertisers buying premium ad packages. Now these mobile-only sponsored-stories are open through Facebook’s self-serve tool Power Editor and third-party Facebook ad sellers, which means a bigger pool of cash money for ad revenue. To read the rest of these implications for Facebook, check the link.

Seriously, enough with the Holograms Already
When Tupac came back as a hologram we were intrigued and pleased. Then TLC announced they intend to resurrect deceased member Left Eye to take with them on tour this summer, and then there were rumors that Selena Gomez was going to a duet with a hologram of Selena Quintanilla. And now, Elvis Presley. Sure, it’s cool to see deceased artists “back” in performance but man, enough is enough. Over it. Showtime is over, Synergy.

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