Playground Buzz – The Most Intriguing Social Media News of the Week

By Affinitive

If we had the new Facebook news feed, these are the news items we’d have published to our co-workers smart list. Instead, we’ve been forced to discuss these in our private Facebook group. We’re logging out for the weekend (and repeatedly hitting re-fresh on our Facebook) with these bits in mind:

Remembering 9/11 through Facebook

In collaboration with the National September 11 Memorial & Museum, Facebook will ask users to remember and honor the day by updating their profile photos or dedicating statuses in remembrance of victims. Upon launch, the 9/11 Memorial app will be featured on prominent Facebook pages, including those of Congress members, presidential candidates, federal agencies, non-profits. Should a user choose to donate their status, the app selects from the 3,000 victims (including victims from the World Trade Center and Pentagon, the passengers of Flight 93 and the six people killed in the February 1993 World Trade Center bombing), or the user can dedicate their post to a specific person. The results will be tremendous for sure, as Facebook has over 750 million users.

Twitter’s State of the Union Reveals All

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo finally disclosed the numbers and stats behind the social media service at his annual State of the Twitter address. The numbers are impressive, but we’re more interested in what they mean. According to Costolo, Twitter has 100 million active monthly users, more than 50 million users who log in to the service each day, and 400 million monthly users – a jump from January’s reported number of 250 million.  It’s not surprising that mobile usage is a driving factor – 55% of active users use mobile Twitter products – as Twitter is best utilized through mobile use.  What was surprising however was that 40% of active users don’t create their own content, choosing instead to login to read their feed; this percentage doesn’t include the undisclosed number who don’t log in to begin with. We’ll be mulling over this and additional information about what brands are on Twitter following Costolo’s blog post .

Lil’ Wayne Sets iTunes Record

We have to hand it to Weezy – he’s been all about breaking records; first by beating Oreo’s Record for “Most Likes in 24 Hours”  (which got him in the Guinness World Record) and now iTunes Sales. Nielsen Soundscan Figures announced that Lil Wayne’s 10th album, The Carter IV, moved a whopping total of 964,000 within the first week since it dropped. What’s even more impressive is that a third of those purchases -348,000  to be exact – were digitally purchased from the iTunes store, breaking sales records. The Deluxe edition, which made for 95% of digital sales and 70% of physical, sold at $3 more than the standard; in an age of Spotify, $0.99 release sales, and digital pirating, it’s astounding that a deluxe album can move so much. Weezy’s digital manager Mazy Kazerooni must have a lot on his plate, as the artist’s new video, How to Love, has a special interactive version on Shazam.

Coco Offers to Rent Out Studio on Airbnb for $1

In an amusing stunt, Conan O’Brien has put up a listing on Airbnb offering to rent out 25,000 sq ft TV studio for a $1 a night. Potential guests simply have to send an email to Team Coco explaining why they want the space and why they’re best suited for it – so far no one’s made the cut. Team Affinitive would be interested, solely for the sake of reenacting an episode of 30 Rock. We hope for Conan’s sake that his hospitality is better and has a happier ending than one unlucky renter.

Groupon Tuiton Today, Student Loans Tomorrow

One private Chicago school, the National Louis University, has teamed up with Groupon in an effort to increase the size of its graduate teaching program by offering a 60% discount on an introduction to teaching course this fall. Regular tuition for the course is $2,232, which would drop to $950 with Groupon’s discount. We kinda wish they had this when we were in school – a “get 50% off on your student loans when 12 people sign up!” deal would have been great.

How FNO Makes Digital Media Work

Whether you think it’s a big party or an industry rejuvenator, Fashion’s Night Out always brings it. The third annual FNO brought about an interesting slew of campaigns. The queen bee of dolls, Barbie herself, kicked off #FNO with a clever scavenger hunt promising some great prizes and swag. Users had to be fast on their feet as they shuttled to and fro to visit specific designers to search for Barbie-sized clothes; upon discovery, users scanned the 2D code to be entered to win an FNO prize pack. Those unable to physically join in on the hunt followed the action on the FNO dedicated site. DVF bolstered Twitter outreach by purchasing a Promoted Trend and a series of promoted tweets centered around FNO related search items.  In addition to the Promoted Tweets and Trends, the DVF crew monitored Twitter to see where devotees were throughout the city. A lucky few followers — one per hour —received a direct message inviting them to pick up a free bottle of Diane the fragrance, which doesn’t launch until Sept. 22. It’s the creative campaigns – especially the ones involving exclusivity – that keep people talking and remembering a brand.

What was your most intriguing social media news of the week? Let us know and join in on the conversation here!


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