Playground Buzz – The Most Intriguing Social Media News of the Week

By Affinitive

It’s been a busy week here at Affinitive! We’ve rounded up some of the buzziest of the week’s buzz. We’re logging out for the weekend with these in mind:

 Facebook Launches Subscription Feeds: RSS for Status Updates

Looks like our carefully culled news feeds are going to get a bit of a switch up. Facebook’s had a busy week, rolling out one update after the next, the biggest one being the new “Subscriptions” feature that not only differentiates how much you want to hear from someone (between the options of “all,” “most,” “important,”), but allows you to subscribe to posts of people you don’t follow, be they journalists, artists, political figures, or acquaintances. CEO Zuckerberg kindly demonstrated its use by turning his five million fans into subscribers.  The subscriptions feature is hot on the heels of Facebook’s other updates, including “smart” friends lists and its now-fixed navigation bar. Very subtle.

 Twitter Releases Web Analytics

It seems Twitter has put its acquiring of social analytics company BackType to good use; earlier this week Twitter announced a free web analytics tool powered by BackType, intended to break down the effectiveness of Twitter integrations. The tool focuses on three key components: how much content is being shared on Twitter; how much traffic Twitter is sending back; and how well Tweet Buttons perform. The tool is free and still in Beta; a small group of partners will access it this week before the tool is rolled out to website owners in a few weeks. We’ve asked our dev team to look out for the API that’s also being released.

Foursquare’s “Push” API Shoved Ahead of Global Hackathon

What sneaky timing! Foursquare publicly released its Push API, which has been hinted at since March. The API allows developers to create apps that take advantage of Foursquare’s push notifications, utilizing it to shoot reminders and notifications (say, a reminder to pick up the milk when you pass a grocery store), or alert you when a friend is in the area. The most wonderful use of the API we hope happens immediately would be to tie into 4sqtransit to send immediate updates on public transit schedule.

Tweet for the Sky: How Airlines Have Taken Social Media Under Their Wing

We’re suckers for good infographics here at Affinitive, so we spent a few minutes appreciating these very pretty infographics of various airline companies and their social media savvy. In an industry that services thousands of people each day, it was only a matter of time until airlines adapted social media as an evolved customer service approach. These graphics all show that the savvy companies have grown a fan base through one medium or another. No mention about Southwest Airline’s bad encounters (and Twitter exposures) with celebrities though.

 Does Your Klout Influence Content?

Klout has once again upped the ante with its new Topic Pages feature, which reveals who influences content. At the moment, only 5% of users have access to this feature, which will soon be rolled out for all. The goal, said CEO Joe Fernandez, is to understand who is influential – about what and to whom. The feature analyzes a user’s content spread across 10 social media services before analyzing by topic, how influential a user’s audience is about it and how they respond. The rankings change daily based on created content. You’re killing us, Smalls.

 Get on the Bus with Affinitive

Last but not least, we were flattered to see our “Get on the Bus” campaign with Contiki featured in Mashable’s roundup of successful and creative Facebook contests! You can check out the fruits of our labor and read up on the contest – let us know what you think!

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