Playground Buzz – Zynga IPO, Facebook Timeline Rollout, Payving Twitter and More

By Affinitive

Tis the season indeed! When not wrapping things up (literally and figuratively), arguing about the placement of ornaments on the office tree, and getting ready for the holiday, we’ve been asking Santa to respond to our Tweets and hearing out George Takei’s impassioned plea for Star Peace. We’re logging off for the weekend with these in mind:

Facebook Timeline Opens to Public

Those who have been avoiding Facebook change have run out of time – the long awaited Timeline has been released to public as of Thursday morning. Those who don’t feel like waiting any longer than they’ve already had to can activate the change by clicking “Get It Now”before grabbing some free Timeline art from Mountain Dew. Timeline is also available for Android and The more reserved have a seven day grace period to preview and tinker about privacy settings before Timeline goes live. While individual users will be navigating the changes brought about by the feature, Facebook is still mum on Timeline for brand pages.

Zynga Prices IPO at $10 a Pop 

Facebook’s largest game vendor has priced its IPO in the upper range from $8.50 to $10 a share, and sold 100 million shares, raising $1 billion at a $7 billion valuation. While this is about half of what early reports speculated,  Zynga opened to trading with a bigger market cap than LinkedIn, which currently is at $6.4 billion. Prospective buyers can search on the Nasdaq Stock market for “ZNGA.”

Lowes PR Boo-Boo aired on Facebook, Results in Facepalm

Home improvement retailer Lowes has had quite the page moderating nightmare this week. The proverbial storm began when Lowes ran ads  during TLC show “All American Muslim,” which prompted conservative Christian group Florida Family Association to demand that Lowes pull its ads.  A status update explaining the executive decision resulted in more than 23,000 unsavory comments that only escalated further. Lowes has since then deleted all updates concerning the fiasco, leaving in its stead a post asking people to remain respectful in the future. Although the original post is gone, the infamy of user comments live on. Check out 25 of the dumbest comments left on Lowes Facebook post here.

Payvment Integrates with Twitter

Facebook commerce vendor Payvment has rolled out a mobile shopping experience, optimized to support Twitter’s new homepage. Users can now simply click on a Tweet to view more product details before designating its placement in a shopping cart for immediate purchase, or a Payvment wishlist. As 43% of Twitter users access the platform through their mobile devices, it seems impulse shopping just became a little more dangerous.

U.S. Teens Triple Data Usage

Nielson released a study stating that teens’ stronghold as leading message senders is not likely to slip anytime soon. In fact, teens aged 13 –17 have tripled their data usage throughout the year. While SMS messaging remains the strongest use, other popular data heavy activities include mobile internet, social networking, email, app downloads, and app usage.

Huzzah! Automatic IE Updates!

Microsoft has finally taken a step to help IE get on level with Firefox and Chrome by issuing automatic updates of its internet browser. While there are options available to opt out of the automatic upgrade, we figure that this can only be a good thing. Embrace the change!

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