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When to Adopt a Social Media Trend

Posted 15 March 2012 | By | Categories: Marketing, Social Media, Strategy | No Comments

As an agency, people are often asking us if their company should participate in the latest and greatest social media trend to engage their customers.  It is a good question, but it is usually the wrong one.  A better question might be, “Is my brand ready for this trend?”.  Every new initiative in social media [...]


10 Can’t Miss Social Media Week 2012 Events

Posted 09 February 2012 | By | Categories: Industry News, Social Media | No Comments

Social Media Week is upon us! The Affinitive team will be in and out of the New York and San Francisco offices all of next week attending presentations hosted by leaders in emerging social and mobile media. While we are all excited about the number of “can’t miss” events, especially The Interplay of Sports, Business, [...]


The 10 S’s of Social Media

Posted 11 August 2011 | By | Categories: Marketing, Social Media, Strategy | No Comments

The phrase “social media” has evolved to become a blanket term for nearly all things digital, encompassing a diverse set of tactics, platforms, uses and benefits. The following 10 S’s of social media should help explain the key ways in which social media is being used (and abused). 1. Sharing Social media is built on [...]


Six Dos and Don’ts of Contests on Facebook

Posted 09 August 2011 | By | Categories: Case Studies, Self-Promotion, Social Media, Strategy | No Comments

Contests on Facebook are a tried and true method of Like acquisition and customer engagement. From a Like & Win sweepstakes to a skill-based contest, these promotions can be fun for fans and a great marketing tool for brands. They can also be tricky to pull off; from unplanned Platform changes to holding the attention [...]


Social Media Measurement News Roundup

Posted 10 March 2010 | By | Categories: Industry News, Research, Social Media, Strategy | 4 Comments

This week brought with it some exciting news and stories in the area of social media measurement and, since I didn’t write any of them, I thought I would do my part to highlight some favorites.  I’m not going to trust myself to say that I’ll do this every week, I probably won’t. Here are [...]


Facebook ‘Impressions’ Lend Little Insight

Posted 10 February 2010 | By | Categories: Industry News, Marketing, Research, Social Media | 4 Comments

Any marketer who has directly measured or quantified the performance of a Facebook page or application knows full well how primitive and unreliable the Facebook Insights dashboard is.  Fan count, page views, and interaction rates serve as the key metrics which, to Facebook’s argument, does provide ‘insight’ into a page, but offers limited access below [...]


Word of Mouth and Social Media – Similar, but Different!

Posted 06 January 2010 | By | Categories: Marketing, Social Media | 4 Comments

There still seems to be a lot of confusion about the definitions of “Word of Mouth” and “social media” and how they are similar/different, so I thought I would kick off the year with a refresher. Put simply: Word of Mouth is the act of people talking. Word of Mouth Marketing is giving people a [...]

Word of Mouth “Supergenius” Preview – How Random House Connects Directly With Their Fans

Posted 03 November 2009 | By | Categories: Case Studies, Marketing, Self-Promotion | 43 Comments

We’ve been invited by our friends at GasPedal to present at their upcoming “Supergenius” conference (aka “How to be Great at Word of Mouth Marketing“), where we’ll be giving a talk titled “How Random House is Connecting Teen Readers Directly with Authors”. Click on the video below for a preview of what to expect, courtesy [...]


Marketing On Facebook Grows Up (Ask Your Lawyer!)

Posted 21 September 2009 | By | Categories: Industry News, Marketing, Social Media | 1 Comment

In the past year Facebook has become all but a staple in an online marketer’s repertoire thanks to their accelerated global growth and widening appeal across demographics.  There are few brands out there that wouldn’t stand to benefit from an official Page for customers to connect with.  Pages have offered myriad methods of engagement, from [...]

To Tweet or not to Tweet?

To Tweet or not to Tweet?

Posted 15 September 2009 | By | Categories: Marketing, Social Media | 1 Comment

That is the question…. At least that’s the question that keeps coming up in conversations with my current / future / probable clients as we look at how to integrate Social Media Marketing into their strategy for 2010. As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, it’s no longer an uphill convincing battle of us trying to [...]

The Social Marketing “Land Grab”

The Social Marketing “Land Grab”

Posted 11 August 2009 | By | Categories: Marketing, Research, Self-Promotion, Social Media | 5 Comments

“Social Media” are the two hottest buzz words on the block in the big, wide world of marketing.  Diving into the various social marketing platforms – such as Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr (or another blogging platform although I have all my pesos on Tumblr reigning supreme), and the hottest little platform on the list, Twitter, is [...]


New Comprehensive Word-of-Mouth Marketing Industry Report Released

Posted 30 July 2009 | By | Categories: Case Studies, Industry News, Marketing, Research, Social Media | 56 Comments

On the heels of the first-of-its-kind WOM industry study in 2007, The Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA), in conjunction with PQ Media, just released their Word-of-Mouth Marketing Forecast 2009-2013: Spending, Trends & Analysis study. It’s chock full of great data and insight, and includes the following eye-opening prediction: Total spending on WoM marketing is [...]