Our Latest Favorite Mobile App is VSCOcam

By Nae Lane

VSCO camWe always have our mobile devices or tablets, with us all the time. And while our technology developers are always working on cool and innovative technology tools, we wanted to highlight an awesome app each month from an Affinitive team member. This month, our junior designer, Nae Lane, shares her latest favorite.

As the junior designer at Affinitive, I am always on the lookout for new tools to capture our brands in the best way. I found the VSCOcam and the editing capabilities are amazing!

What do you use it for?
VSCOcam is a photography editing and sharing app.

What do you love most about it? What would you change?
I love the editing capabilities. The filters are amazing! The layout of the app is nice and sleek. I wouldn’t change much except maybe add a video feature.

Why should we check it out?
They feature talent, inspiration and tutorials from around the world and can upgrade the photos you share!

Who should be checking VSCOcam out?
Professional and amateur photographers would love this! So many cool effects.