Technology us Social Media Marketers are Thankful For

By Affinitive

Here at Affinitive, we’re “tech” people. Some of us code. Some of us Tweet. But we all love technology and how it enhances our lives. Here is just a sampling of what we are thankful for this year (in regards to technology):

Thankful by Nakeva

Warren Ackerman, EVP and Principal

Because of my family living on different coasts as well as international friends, I’m thankful for Skype and WhatsApp.

Earl Adams, Account Director

Google Chromecast. It’s a brilliant innovation allowing great access to broadcast, streaming, and social media through your television. It’s been especially freeing to start tossing some of those extra remotes as you can “drive” your experience directly from your phone. It’s a great step forward for home entertainment.

Rob Marscher, VP of Engineering

I’m thankful for the flashlight in iOS 7 so I don’t have to key in my passcode and find a 3rd party app just to unlock my front-door. I’m also thankful for Dark Sky so I don’t get unexpectedly dumped on by rain.

Bob Troia, Founder and CEO

I am thankful for my emWave2 to improve how my mind and body responds to stress and my ability to think clearer, be more intuitive, and make better decisions.

Colleen Rooney, Community Manager

I am thankful for a lot of apps, and especially the geniuses that come up with the amazing ideas that turn into apps that simplify everyday life for smartphone users. These days I’m most thankful for Spotify, as I use it the majority of my day, every day. I’m also grateful for Facebook (cliche, I know) to keep me in touch with friends and colleagues I wouldn’t otherwise have easy access to communicate with.

Richard Dedor, Account Executive

I am an avid tester of apps that come out, but right now, I am thankful for my financial apps, Mint and TradeKing. I’ve gotten more involved in financial planning and these two apps are lifesavers for me. I also still read via my RSS and I use Feedly at least once a day.

Joelle Musante, Director of Operations

With my busy schedule and far-flung family and friends I am so very grateful for my 3 S’s: Skype, Spotify, and Seamless mobile apps. All three help keep me in touch, keep me motivated and keep me fueled.

Nae Lane, Junior Designer

I am thankful for Apple! I have a MacBook, an iPhone, an iPod, and an iPad coming for Christmas! I love that everything can be synched together. The most recent updates made everything sleeker and even easier to use. Can’t wait to see the future that Apple holds!