Playground Buzz – The Most Intriguing Social Media News of the Week

By Affinitive

Happy Friday the 13th! We’ve been doubling back, backing up everything repeatedly, and monitoring the office wireless from the corner of our eye today. When not puzzling over some truly bizarre taco-fueled crimes, refreshing the #truthvigilante hashtag, wondering at Verizon’s decision to create a gamified aspect to their brand or people who fell for the Facebook color scam, we’ve been discussing these stories at the water cooler.  We’re logging off for the weekend with these in mind:

Facebook’s Comment Box Plugin goes Mobile
Facebook rolled out the mobile equivalent of its comments box plugin, which makes it easier for media sites to engage browsers across the web and for users to leave behind scathing epithets which are now connected to a face. The plugin will automatically appear on the mobile version of websites that have already implemented the Comment Box. For technical details on how to incorporate Comments Box on your site, visit here.

Watch the Throne: Twitter (and the Internet) Welcomes Blue Ivy
After months of speculation, figure watching, and uterus vigils, mogul couple Jay Z and Beyonce welcomed destined and slightly-pressured-to-be-gifted daughter Blue Ivy, alongside countless other well wishers on the Internet. Social analytics firm Simply Measured graciously provided Mashable a graph of “Beyonce’s Baby Hype,” confirming that around 11:15pm on Saturday, Jan 7th, tweets per minute peaked at 2,379. That’s a lot of “watch the crown” jokes.

Tweet @MichelleObama
First Lady Michelle Obama has joined the many on Twitter in time to support the President’s campaign now that elections are drawing near. Like most accounts, hers will be run primarily by campaign staff, but all personal tweets will be signed with a “mo.’ At the time of copy, the First Lady’s account already had 250,509 followers, but this will soon change.

Google: We Never Indexed “@” to Begin With
Google and Twitter’s increasingly public spat about recent decisions and changes to  search results –  Google’s “Google Plus Your World” –  is just getting started. After Twitter’s Alex Macgillivray pointed out specific examples of Google’s  skewed search feature which highlighted the exclusion of Twitter related terms  -  more harmful than good –   Google has officially went on record to say that “@” was never indexed to begin with, and the engine would have never recognized a handle formatted in such a way to begin with. While Twitter’s concerns are certainly valid, the termination of its agreement with Google regarding appearing in real time results may have played a factor into this.

London Olympics Volunteers Prohibited from Social Media
Volunteers at the 2012 London Olympics will find themselves being asked to put down their phones now that the organizing committee has released its social media policy, effective for all 70,000 plus volunteers. While volunteers are allowed to retweet and relay official news, releases, and statements, they will be prohibited from posting VIP or backstage pictures, disclose any breaking news pertaining to athletes – or discuss athletes for that matter – or get involved in detailed discussions about the games. While it’s a lot of preemptive damage and image control, we can’t help but wonder what the penalties of slip-ups will be?

Marvel Times the Avengers movie with Facebook Game
In suspiciously convenient timing, Disney has revealed that the very first Disney branded Facebook game will be a combat RPG game titled Marvel: Avenger’s Alliance. Although no one has confirmed yet that the game release is intended to time with the Avenger’s movie, the tie in is certainly helpful as some of the superhero cast is part of the Avengers team. A release date has yet to be announced, but will launch in first quarter.

Facebook Begins News Feed Ads
We reported not too long ago that Facebook had plans for rolling out featured ads directly within user’s newsfeeds, saying that they were expected to start January. The difference is however, that instead of being called “Sponsored Stories” as many originally thought, newsfeed ads will be going by moniker “Featured” instead. Add this with Facebook’s new “Listen With” feature (which aims to ultimately bring you back to Facebook chat), and you’ve got yourself a feed full of potential annoyances.

MySpace Keeps On, Carries On
MySpace still lives. The now ancient social media platform has managed to weather many a storm, ignore the cruel japes of the Internet, and retain 12 minutes of user’s time and attention span. What’s truly mind boggling however, is how it’s still a bigger platform than Tumblr and Google + (could it be from user accounts that were never deleted?). Maybe the second life is due to Justin Timberlake’s attempts to revive MySpace’s relevancy with a TV service.  Cue the “I’m bringing MySpace back” parodies.

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